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August 2017



               Veritech is proud to announce that as of this month,

we have had our stainless steel coolant level sensors installed

in over 60 transit agencies in the US and Canada.  We are

currently being implemented on one of the largest CNG transit

bus fleets in the the country and have received the first of

several purchase orders for implementation on a second major

California transit agency's diesel buses.



July 2016


               After numerous failures of coolant level sensors on their

New Flyer CNG buses following a factory retrofit, a major

Southeastern transit agency contacted us to purchase our

stainless steel sensors for evaluation.  After a successful 3

month evaluation with no false error coding or coolant leakage,

the agency implemented on their fleet of 265 CNG buses.  

They have since purchased additional units to replace the OEM

plastic coolant level sensors on their older diesel fleet.



April 2016


         After successful installations of our stainless steel

replacement for OEM plastic lower coolant level sensors on

New Flyer, NABI, and NOVA buses at multiple agencies around

the country, we found that Gillig buses are equipped with a

smaller surge tank with short baffles which would not accomodate

our sensor.  We quickly developed a shorter prototype in December

2015 and installed the device on a 2014 Gillig at DART in Delaware

in the first week of January.  It has been operating flawlessly since.

So many transit agencies with Gillig fleets expressed interest in

evaluating our sensor, we did our first production run of 100 units.

To date, we have shipped over 80 units to 9 different agencies

from Pinellas Suncoast Transit in Florida to Santa Clara VTA in

California.  The part number for Veritech's replacement stainless

steel lower coolant level sensor is VT220594.  This device can be

terminated with the original OEM mating receptacle or, if your

fleet has had the most recent Cummins update, we can install

the 2 way Deutsch DT receptacle to mate with the new Deutsch

harness plug. Please email or call us for pricing and availability.


 July 2015


             Our second stainless steel coolant sensor solution has

been well received at Maryland MTA where we have received

orders for a agency wide evaluation of forty of our

replacement lower coolant sensors for the OEM plastic

Cummins sensor.  After a successful 10 week prototype

evaluation at one Division garage, it was determined that

the agency would go ahead with a full evaluation in an

effort to find a suitable replacement.  This sensor has

been used on 2012, 2013, and 2014 New Flyer Buses as

well as 2013 North American Bus Industries (NABI) buses.



 June 2015


           Veritech Inc is pleased to announce that we have received a

purchase order for 1000 pieces of our stainless steel replacement

upper coolant sensor from North American Bus Industries (NABI)

to replace OEM plastic sensors on NABI buses at New Jersey

Transit.  The latest version of our sensor fits all three surge tank

styles used in NABI buses from 2008 to 2013 and comes fitted

with the proper Weatherpack receptacle to mate with the OEM

plug.  Please contact us for these and any other sensor needs

you may have.



 Nov 2014


       Veritech has been expanding it's presence in the Bus

Maintenance area in the last few years by providing custom

solutions to OEM component problems.  When transit buses

go out of warranty or there is little OEM support for part issues,

Veritech can deliver retrofitting and redesign solutions, custom

cable assembly and connector kits.  We can find high quality

replacements for lower performing devices installed by the

manufacturer.  We recently redesigned the Water In Fuel (WIF)

sensor harness on New York City Transit's Orion VII diesel

hybrid buses to replace an OEM harness that caused problems

in over half the fleet.  We received initial orders from NYCT

and MTA Bus for 250 harnesses.  Eventually they will be replaced

on over 900 buses.  We have now been asked to build a new

adapter harness for day time running lamps on their Orion Vs.

If you have connector, cable assembly, or other electrical part

issues which are not being addressed by the bus manufacturer,

don't hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to help !







   Oct 2014


September was another busy demonstration month with

visits to Roanoke, VA and Dallas/Ft Worth. The demo at Norfolk

Southern in Roanoke, which came from a contact at the RSSI

Expo, was our largest freight rail customer demo to date.  Our

unit easily scanned their grade crossing frequencies and overlays.  

They have requested the addition of DC sensing for the other

track circuits and we are currently investigating this upgrade.  

In Dallas we did demos with Herzog Technologies, one of the

largest rail services contractors, on the the Denton County

Tranportation Agency commuter rail line.  This demo was 

attended by Herzog people from Trinity Rail Express, Austin

Capitol Metro, DCTA, and New Mexico's Rail Runner Express.  

We also did a second demo with DART to reinforce the

capabilities of our Rail Scanner Pro with Signal Maintenance.

Conrail is giving us our first freight rail order for three Rail

Scanner Pro units and CATS is placing an initial order for one.







  Sept 2014


             Veritech is proud to announce that SEPTA has confirmed

their commitment to our line of signal troubleshooting equipment

by taking delivery on two more of our Rail Scanner Pro audio

frequency units for their commuter rail line signal maintenance

group.  This brings SEPTA to a total of 19 units between light rail,

subway, commuter rail, and signal construction and makes them

our largest VeriTranz customer.


     Our demonstrations in August included Keolis Transportation

who is contracted by MBTA in Boston to operate the

Massachuesetts Bay Commuter Rail.  We also did successful

demos at Conrail (our first freght rail demo !), MARTA in Atlanta,

GA and CATS in Charlotte, NC, all of whom are looking to place

orders in the near future.





  July 2014


         I am very excited to announce that Veritech has

developed what will be the latest new product in our

VeriTranz rail test equipment line, a rail-specific handheld

frequency selectable voltmeter. This unit is a proof of

concept unit now available for demo.  As always we will continue

to evolve the product based on customer demos and feedback.

Our first demo of the unit occurred at WMATA during training

on our Rail Scanner Pro units which I delivered last month.



June 2014


        Veritech is pleased to add Washington Metro (WMATA)

to our growing list of Rail Transportation customers using our

rail current detector devices to troubleshoot signals on the rail.

They have placed an order for 10 units, the largest order to date

for our Scanning Audio Frequency Rail Current Detectors.

I look forward to making this delivery in person and doing a

training for ATC and Signal Supervisors.




May 2014

Our sincere thanks to all who visited our booth at the RSSI

EXPO 2014.  Because of your interest in our Scanning Audio

Frequency Rail Current Detector, the traffic in our booth far

exceeded ourexpectations as a first time exhibitor at this show.  

Our hats are off to Mike Drudy and the RSSI team, as well as

the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center, for a well organized and

well attended show.  We look forward to hearing from and

meeting with all of the Rail Signal, Communications and 

Engineering professionals who visited our both for the live

demonstrations.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any

questions, RFQs or demo requests.


April 2014

      Veritech is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting

at the RSSI C&S EXPO 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee, May 21st

and 22nd in Booth #635.  Please stop by and participate in a

demo of our Multi-Frequency and Scanning Audio Frequency

Rail Current Detectors.  NJ Transit Commuter Rail, NJ Transit

Light Rail-Bloomfield, SEPTA Commuter Rail, Light Rail and Subway,

Metro-North, and LA Metro have been using thes devices to successfully

troubleshoot signal issues on the rail, saving time and money.

We will also be showcasing our transportation engineering services

with examples of our past projects.  We look forward to meeting

with you !

         Earlier this month, Veritech delivered 4 of our Scanning Audio

Frequency Rail Current Detectors to SEPTA (SouthEastern Regional

Transportation Authority) for use on their light rail and subway systems.

SEPTA had already purchased 13 of our Multi-Frequency units for their

commuter rail signal group, light rail/subway signal group, and signal

construction group making them the largest Veritranz customer to date.


February 2014

       Last month we traveled to Pittsburgh and Cleveland for demos at the

"T" of Port Authority of Allegheny County and Greater Cleveland Regional

Transportation Authority, two light rail lines  who are interested in our

equipment.  Although it was extremely cold and snowy, we successfully

demonstrated our Rail Current Detectors and both agencies have asked

for quotations.  We also met with key people in Signal, Power & Way,

and Car Equipment at GCRTA.

January 2014

      We have begun development of a new "rail-specific" device for

measuring voltage over a wide range of pre-programmed frequencies.

Like our Rail Current Detectors, the unit will be a rugged, lightweight,

handheld device, designed to survive the harsh wayside environment.

We are looking toward the end of February to release our first prototype

unit and schedule customer demos.

      Veritech has added a new accessory item to the Rail Current

Detector line, the "Dark Track Light".  This 12 LED light, with metal

housing, attaches to the shaft with an adjustable clamping bracket

and illuminates the rail in front of the rail current detector when in use

at night. This gives the user a lighted view of the rail and the adjacent

track areas.

December 2013

      Veritech is pleased to report the delivery of our second Scanning

 Audio Frequency Rail Current Detector to LA Metro.  This follows delivery 

of a low frequency unit in to this agency in November.  Both SEPTA and

NJ Transit have reordered our Multi Frequency Rail Current Detectors,

bringing them to 13 and 12 units each, respectively.  We have had

successful demos with Amtrak and LIRR with our low frequency model

and recently demonstrated our Scanning Audio Frequency unit with

SEPTA, DART, NJ Transit, and Amtrak.  SEPTA Light Rail/Subway

has already placed a requisition to purchase these units.

November 2013

Veritech has just delivered to NJ Transit Commuter Rail

their 6th Rail Jumper Cable Tester used to test the 27 pin

TC and COM jumper cables, 480 HEP jumper cables, and

Digital Train Network (DTN) jumper cables.  These are all

cable assemblies used on NJ Transit rail cars and locomotives

to provide power, train control, or communications.  The newest

addition to their stable of test units is being installed at the

Long Branch Maintenance facility, joining other units installed at

Kearny, Hoboken, Morrisville, Dover, and Raritan.  These units have

been very successful in reducing equipment issues, downtime, and

the expense associated with transporting cables to a central testing



October 2013

             Veritech is pleased to announce that we now have available for

demonstration, our Scanning Audio Frequency Rail Current Detector.

This unit feature a dynamic range from 25 Hz to 22 KHz, a nearly

limitless number of pre-programmed frequencies to cover all of your

signal systems, and a full frequency scanning capability.

Please vist the contact page or send an information request form

from the home page to set up a demo.

August 2013

             After extensive design, development, and customer demos,

Veritech has received a purchase order from NJ Transit Light Rail-

Bloomfield for the first production Audio Frequency Rail Current

 Detector.  This unit has also been demonstrated for MBTA Orange

and Red Lines in Boston and SEPTA Subway and Light Rail.

Generation II Rail Current Detector in the field
Console of Generation II Rail Current Detector

March 2013

         Veritech has designed and released the Generation II  Multi-Frequency Rail

Current Detector, the latest version of our portable, lightweight, troubleshooting device

for track circuits and cab signals on the rail.  This unit features an ergonomic design

which allows the user to roll it along the rail.  It gives the user both audible and visual

indication with a volume-adjustable piezo transducer and LED illuminated analog


Shunts, partial shunts, fouling wire and impedance bond problems, switch component 

issues, and other causes of current loss can be detected quickly and accurately.

The unit can be configured for up to four  selectable frequencies plus an

"All Band" setting.

We have already delivered 8 units to SEPTA heavy rail and SEPTA light rail &

subway so let us set up a demonstration for you at your location !



November 15, 2012

      Veritech was contacted by Academy Bus-Secaucus to assist with the identification

and supply of replacement parts for the flood-damaged New York University School

of Nursing Mobile Unit on Friday Nov. 9th.  We immediately headed to the Secaucus

 location and spent over 2 hours assessing the damaged components.  By Monday

 afternoon we had identified all of the parts as well as finding replacements for

 obsolete or discontinued items. We have received a PO from Academy and all of

 the components are in transit to facilitate our customer getting this bus back on the road.

 March 7, 2012

   Veritech is pleased to announce that we have successfully demonstrated our new

Multi-frequency Rail Current Detector for NJ Transit, New York City Subway, and

Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail.  Our unit accurately detected shunts, partial

shunts and other anomalies on the rail which could normally cause Signal

 Maintenance professionals difficulty.  Please contact us for a demo if you 

are interested in this great new product.

        Veritech has continued to assist New Jersey Transit with their Narrowbanding

effort, most recently designing and supplying new cable assemblies and enclosures

for retrofitting radio and PA/IC units in thier diesel locomotives.

        Veritech succesfully demonstrated our Rail Jumper Cable Tester at the Boston

Engine Terminal, Somerville , MA for the Car Equipment group of Massechusetts Bay

Commuter Rail and MBTA Rail Operations.


    Veritech will be exhibiting at the APTAEXPO2011 in New Orleans from

Oct. 3rd - 5th in Booth #6056.  We will be debuting our VeriTranz brand

of products and services, designed to deliver custom solutions to transportation

professionals and agencies.  Please drop by and talk with us !


Oct 10, 2011

       The APTAEXPO2011 was an amazing experience and having the show

hosted in New Orleans made it even better.  With 750 exhibitors the show

was so large it was virtually impossible to cover it all in one day.  Our booth

had excellent traffic thoughout the three days and we came away with over

100 new contacts from all over North America and beyond.  Below are

some pictures from the show and "NOLA".

VeriTranz Booth at the APTAEXPO2011
View of Bourbon Street from the Bourbon House
FIRE FOUNTAIN at Pat O'Brian's