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Narrowband Radiohead Retrofit Kit 


Rail Jumper Cable Tester                


Wayside Transformer Cart


Generation II Multi-frequency Rail Current Detector

*Picture below courtesy of Morristown & Erie Railroad and special thanks to Steve Friedland

Veritech has designed the Muti-Frequency Rail Current detector to allow

signal professionals to easily troubleshoot signal problems on the rail.

This portable, lightweight device ( about 4.5 lbs ! ) will detect current loss at

one of four selectable frequencies to locate shunts, partial shunts, fouling

wire and impedance bond problems, switch component issues,and other

causes of signal issues.  It simply rolls on the rail providing the user audible 

and visual feedback with a volume adjustable beeper and rugged analog

meter with LED illumination for use after dark.  This unit is being used by

NJ Transit, SEPTA, Metro North, and LA Metro signal professionals to

quickly and easily locate the source of their signal problems.

Generation II Rail Current Detector in the field
Console of Multi-Frequency Rail Current Detector


Rail Scanner Pro

Scanning Audio Frequency Rail Current Detector

In order to allow Signal professionals to troubleshoot a wider range of signal

systems, Veritech has designed our new Scanning Audio Frequency Rail Current

 Detector.  This unit employs the same ergonomic form factor, user-friendly interface, and

 light-weight roller design as our low frequency model with some important new


  • Wide frequency detection range from 25 Hz to 22 KHz
  • Selectable frequencies programmed according to customer list
  • Back lit LCD frequency display with battery indicator
  • Scanning capability displays frequencies present on the rail

This unit can be custom configured with a large number of frequencies covering

your AC track circuits and cab signals on heavy and commuter rail, audio track 

frequencies on light rail and rapid transit, island track circuits, and grade crossing 

signals.  The latest generation, the first of which was recently delivered to New

Jersey Transit Light Rail in Bloomfield, has a default scanning feature which begins

on startup and scans for and displays the frequencies that are present on the rail.

We are also offering an accessory option "Dark Track Light" LED track illuminator

that can be mounted on the shaft of either the low or audio frequency unit to

light up the rail at night.  This unit is presently being used to troubleshoot signals

on the rail by NJ Transit, SEPTA, LA Metro, and MBTA.  Conrail, MARTA, DART,

CATS, and Herzog Technologies all intend to purchase units after our successful






Audio Frequency Rail Current Detector

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