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Monday, July 7, 2014

"SEE and BE SEEN" when troubleshooting signals on the rail !
When signal professionals are troubleshooting signals issues, performing routine maintenance, or inspecting sections of the rail, they are exposed to many safety hazards, not the least of which is dangerous interaction with trains or transit vehicles.  Traditional methods of troubleshooting signals require the maintainer to get down on hands and knees or bend down to put test leads across the rail or wrap a coil around the rail.  These methods reduce the signalman's visibility to trains and takes his attention away from area train traffic.  The Rail Scanner Pro scanning audio frequency rail current detector from Veritech allows the user to stand and walk upright while rolling the unit along the rail.  The user is more visible to trains and can keep his eye on area traffic listening to an audible output rather than staring at a meter.  Aside for the safety aspects, the Rail Scanner Pro also significantly reduces the time to troubleshoot and find the underlying cause of the signal problem.
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