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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday, April 24th

          Since we will be exhibiting at the RSSI C&S expo in Nashville, we have been focused this week on getting prepared for the show.  I was reminded yesterday why our rail current detectors are such an effective troubleshooting tool while doing a training demo at NJ Transit Light Rail-Bloomfield.  The Scanning Audio unit
easily scanned and detected their 60 Hz power frequency as well as the audio track frequencies.  When the section was shunted, the unit found the 2340 Hz cab signal as well.  All of the signal maintainers and technicians were impressed with the capabilities of our device.  Rather than having to check the bond to find out what the transmit and receive frequencies were, our unit displayed the frequencies present.  They could then dial to the frequency under test, and roll the unit along the rail to find the problem.

Tuesday, April 22nd

         Veritech has submitted a proposal to the Greater Cleveland
Regional Transportation Authority for the Brake Microprocessor Circuit design and prototype on their Heavy Rail Vehicles.
We first became aware of the coming RFP while at GCRTA to demo our Scanning Audio Rail Current Detector.  When the RFP was formally announced, we scheduled a visit to do a visual inspection of the unit and later attended the pre-proposal conference.
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