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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Metro-North is now a VeriTranz customer
Veritech Inc. has just received a purchase order from Metro-North
for thier first Multi Frequency Rail Current Detector after a demo
was conducted in late June.  We are looking forward to a long,
mutually beneficial relationship with this agency.  Thanks to a referral from
the Senior Signal Engineer, we now have a demo scheduled with LIRR.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Veritech offers contactor reconditioning service, GCRTA is first customer

Do you have obsolete or discontinued Rail application contactors ?
We can have your old, damaged contactors rebuilt and reconditioned to
"nearly new" condition, repainting, replating, and/or replacing parts as
needed to the PEARL reconditioning standard.  We have reconditioned
an obsolete GE IC2800 series contactor for Greater Cleveland Regional Transportation Authority and reconfigured it to another model.
Please contact us if we can be of servcie in this area. 

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Veritech distributing AerosUSA/Flexa flexible conduit/fittings
Veritech Inc. is now a distributor for AerosUSA/Flexa flexible conduit
and fittings for Transportation in the NY/NJ metropolitan area.
They feature Low Smoke/Zero Halogen products and a huge variety
of sizes and connector applications.  The conduit couplers and adapters
require no tools and can be locked and unlocked easily for alterations.
Please contact us for any new transportation wiring projects.
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Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome to Chris' VeriTranz Blog : Current Signals
     This is the first posting on the new VeriTranz blog.  Feel free to post comments on my posts, the website, our products, or other transportation related topics.  I would encourage our customers and others to use this blog as a forum for sharing ideas and information about Public Transportation, Communication & Signals, MOW, Car and Locomotive Equipment, Bus Maintenance, etc...

      Last week I traveled to LA and San Diego to demonstrate our Multi Frequency and Audio Frequency Rail Current Detectors for LA Metro and San Diego MTS.  It was a unique experience as neither agency has "track time" available during revenue hours.  Our trackside demos were conducted from 1:30 am to 4:30 am at multiple locations on the agencies' right-of-ways.  All of the overnight signal professionals I worked with were very interested in seeing a new troubleshooting tool which could make their job faster and simpler.
Both agencies are now looking for quotations on our detectors.  I am still looking for interested contacts at Metrolink and any other Commuter Rail, Light Rail or Freight Rail agencies or companies who would like to see our product.
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